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Residential and Office Window Cleaning


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Having your windows professionally cleaned at regular intervals is also an important part of protecting your investment. Neglecting your windows for extended periods of time allows environmental pollutants as well as chemicals that might be leaching from the building itself to build up on the glass. These contaminants, if allowed to remain on the windows, will eventually chemically bond with the glass causing extensive damage that is both labor-intensive and expensive to repair.


Window Cleaning

A standard cleaning is the process of washing all glass surfaces with a brush scrubber and a soap solution, followed with a squeegee. This process is not expected to remove paint, sealants or glass stain.

Screen Cleaning

Screen cleaning is very important. Dirty screens will make clean window look dirty and the next hard rain will leave dirt spots on window. Not only is screen cleaning important for appearance but also for your health. Dirty screens hold dust and allergens that can affect your respiratory system. We recommend to clean your screens at least 2-3 times a year.

Glass Stain Removal

The lack of a regular maintenance program allows minerals and chemicals to etch or build up on the glass surface and in some cases cause permanent damage. This condition has a number of causes including, but not limited to, sprinkler systems overspray, water run-off from building design, condensation and improper chemical application from prior attempts to remove the stains. The cost of removal can be substantial, although it is much less than the cost of window replacement. Often it is not possible to determine the full extent of damage or determine the price of removal until a standard cleaning is performed and viewed by the customer and the professional window cleaner.